Simple but not Simpler!

I'm Yen-Nan Lin, a programmer and researcher.
I love diversity and complexity.


Ruby on Rails

I learned Ruby since college for fun. Now, I use Ruby on Rails to build some web apps. My aim is to become a full-stack developer, so I not only focus on backend but also on user-experience of the whole app. In college, I also took interaction design course to gain more in-depth knowledge of user experience and design.


Android Linux

I am responsible for HTC 2015 flagship ONE M9 and Butterfly 3's USB driver from EVM board bring up to massive production. Scope of the work is through hardware layer, internal debugging tool, and data transfer rate tuning to customization for operator's APP.


Data Science

I published 2 papers of dealing with neural network data. One is that we develop a new method to analyze network data to deliver new inception. The other is to use machine learning to identify neuron polarity. I also have experience with parallel programming and Spark to deal with large amount of data.